Why choose Fexserv?

  • Fexserv provide Euro payment accounts with a unique Maltese IBAN
  • Corporate customers and Corporate Service Providers can apply for these accounts. Application process is extremely efficient and an account can be opened and functional within a month, provided that all due-diligence documentation is provided.
  • Secure online access to live statement of account

Account Charges

  • Reasonable/ affordable charges €300 account application fee, with a €30 monthly operational/maintenance fee. This involves the actual opening of the account and bank details and covers our compliance and operational costs.

Inward Deposits

  • FREE / 0% COMMISSION – No charges are deducted for deposits received on these accounts (in Euro).
  • IMMEDIATE – Once received, funds (in Euro) are immediately credited to client’s account.
  • Competitive FX rates for deposits in foreign currencies.

Outward Swift Payments


  • By implementing our PIN system and nominated authorized signatories, the security of accounts held with us can be safeguarded.

Efficient / Reliable

  • Once initiated, transfers take 2-3 working days to be received. Process diagram – Client requests payment – Quotation is generated – Client confirms all details – Payment is processed – Beneficiary receives funds in their account


  • Competitive FX rates for payments in foreign currencies.


For further information please contact us on csp@fexserv.com or 2576 2576