Exchange Rates

  • Fexserv exchange rates are highly competitive with those of high street banks. Call on 2576 2576 for further assistance.

Cash Pay Out

  • Fexserv exchanges your foreign currency for cash instantly.

0% Commission

  • Fexserv does not charge commission when exchanging foreign currency notes, thus leaving you with more money in your pocket.

Buying of 'Old Notes'

  • Legal tender ‘OLD NOTES’, still in circulation, the exchange rate will be given on application.


Updated : 01-03-2024 at 12:46 Hrs

Find a Currency

Currency Currency Name Sell to Us Buy from us  
Australian Dollar AUD 1.7486 1.5915 Order
Bulgarian Lev BGN 2.1252 1.8093 Order
Canadian Dollar CAD 1.5451 1.4063 Order
Czech Koruna CZK 26.6939 24.2955 Order
Hungarian Forint HUF 413.4710 376.3210 Order
Japanese Yen JPY 171.2510 155.8640 Order
Polish Zloty PLN 4.5451 4.1368 Order
Pound Sterling GBP 0.9015 0.8226 Order
Romanian Leu RON 5.2710 4.6745 Order
Scottish Pound SCP 0.9080 0.8052 Order
Swiss Franc CHF 1.0082 0.9176 Order
Turkish Lira TRY 36.8335 27.6692 Order
UAE Dirham AED 4.3194 3.6774 Order
US Dollar USD 1.1389 1.0393 Order
EUR - * 1
EUR - * 1


Do you buy all currencies?

We buy a total of 7 currencies without a Fexserv receipt, to view these currencies click here.

Do you buy back all currencies?

We buy back all currencies sold upon the presentation of the original company receipt.

Do you sell all currencies?

We sell 60 currencies and offer over the counter service. However, orders are preferably placed a minimum of two weeks in advance to ensure availability of funds.

Do you accept foreign coins?

Fexserv does not trade with foreign coins.

Do you charge commission?

Fexserv does not charge commission, the exchange is based on the current Fexserv rate.

Can I access the rates online?

Yes, to view our current rates click here.

Can I book the rate?

No, the rate remains subject to change and will determined at the time of the transaction.

What do I need to take with me to exchange my currency?

All currency transactions require the presentation of a government issued identification picture document E.g. an ID card, driving license, passport or residence permit.

What is the minimum amount I can exchange?

The minimum amount depends on the currency and the denominations accepted. To request further information kindly call on 25762576.

What is the maximum amount I can exchange?

Company policy states that transactions over €5,000 (within the last 12 months) require compliance forms to be filled out and verified. To view the necessary forms click here. Clients may be requested to present other documents for verification purposes.