Payment Order Outwards (SWIFT Payments)
Processing Fee – MT103 (Charges Shared or Beneficiary) €11.65 + [0.125% of net EURO equivalent – Min: €2.33 / Max: €23.30]
Same Day Value Additional €10.00
Details of Payment up to 100 characters Included in Above
Correspondent Bank Charges Included in Above
Payment Repair Fee €10.00
Request for Investigation re SWIFT Payment €15.00
SWIFT Payment Cancellation or Amendment €50.00
Outward Payments in GBP currency €20.00 (additional charge)
Payment Order Inwards
Processing Fee – Euro Payments €20.00
Processing Fee – non Euro Payments Free of Charge
Cheque Cashing
Encashment of Foreign Currency (non Euro) Cheque – USD, GBP, AUD, CAD Cheques equivalent to €1,000 and over – Free of Charge                                                                      Cheques equivalent to €999.99 or less –  €6.00 per cheque                                                                    Payment in same Currency as cheque –    1%
Encashment of Central Bank of Malta cheques €4.00
Returned Cheques   Minimum of €55.00
Payment Account Services
Account Application Fee €300.00
Account Maintenance €30.00 per Month
Statement of Account Free of Charge
Payment Order Inwards (Receive) – EURO & Other Currencies Free of Charge (Exchange Rates apply for Other Currencies)
Payment Order Outwards (Send) – EURO & Other Currencies €11.65 + [0.125% of net EURO equivalent – Min: €2.33 / Max: €23.30] (Exchange Rates apply for Other Currencies)
Same Day Value €10.00
Foreign Cash
Commission Free of Charge
Buy Back Free of Charge
New Services
¹ Guaranteed OUR SWIFT Payment Clients availing themselves of this service will ensure that the amount of money sent will be the amount of money received by the beneficiary. Therefore the receiving bank will not deduct any charges from the principal.
² Encashment of any Personal or Corporate Cheques Once a cheque is sent for clearing we guarantee to give you a reply within 30 working days and if the cheque is cleared we will credit you accordingly and free from any claims (refunds) thereafter.