Why choose Fexserv?

  • Highly competitive rates
  • 0% commission
  • Free Buyback Guarantee
  • Earn Air Malta KMiles
  • No upfront payment when you order currency
  • No cancellation fees
  • Over the counter service offered for key currencies
  • 7 strategically located bureaus for your convenience

Free Buyback Guarantee

  • Fexserv allows you to exchange unused currency notes at the original exchange rate within 30 days.
  • The original receipt and an identification document must be presented.
  • Fexserv reserves the right not to buy back spoilt or unfit notes.

No upfront payment when ordering your currency

  • Payment is completed upon collection of the ordered currency

No cancellation fees

  • Order your currency at ease, no cancellation fees will be applied

Over the counter service offered for key currencies

  • The key currencies include GBP, PLN and USD.

Competitive Exchange Rates

  • Fexserv exchange rates are highly competitive with those of high street banks.
  • Click here to view our current exchange rates or call 2576 2576 for assistance.

0% commissions

  • Fexserv exchange rates are highly competitive with those of high street banks.

Earn Air Malta Kmiles

  • Earn 1 KMile for every €5 you exchange with Fexserv on Airmalta’s frequent flyer programme “Flypass”.
  • KMiles are awarded on transactions above €250 on the net value of the Buy Back transaction.
  • KMiles are processed after the 30 day buy back period has expired.
  • KMiles are applied on transactions using Fexserv’s published rates of exchange.

7 strategically located bureaus for your convenience

How to book your currency?

1Order Currency Online
2Recieve Confirmation Email
3Collect Money from selected Fexserv Branch
4Sell us unused Currency at a Fexserv Branch
Order Online


Do you sell all currencies?

We sell more than 60 currencies and offer over the counter service. However, orders are preferably placed a minimum of two weeks in advance to ensure availability of funds.

Do you buy back all currencies?

We buy back all currencies sold upon the presentation of the original Fexserv receipt.

Do you buy all currencies?

We buy a total of 11 currencies without a receipt, to view these currencies click here.

Is the buyback offer applied to all currencies within the 30 day period?

  • Buyback for GBP and NOK only are set at 75% of the original receipts value.
  • Buyback for TRY only is set at 20% of the original receipts value.
  • Other currencies are bought back up to 100% of the original receipts value.

Do you accept foreign coins?

Fexserv does not trade with foreign coins.

Do you charge commission?

Fexserv does not charge commission, the exchange is based on the current Fexserv rate.

Can I access the rates online?

Yes, to view our current rates click here.

Can I book the rate?

No, the rate remains subject to change and will determined at the time of the transaction.

After placing an order will I receive a confirmation?

Once an order is placed, you will receive a confirmation via email.

Why haven’t I received an email confirmation?

The order may take a few days to be confirmed, in order to receive verbal confirmation please call on 25762576.

How can I pay for my currency?

We accept payment by either cash, credit/debit card or both. Please note that if you use your credit card, the card’s daily limit will apply and your card issuer may apply separate charges (such as Cash Advance fees). Please contact your card issuer directly to open the card’s daily limit and to ask about Cash Advance fees before your payment is processed.

What do I need to take with me to exchange my currency?

All currency transactions require the presentation of a government issued identification picture document E.g. an ID card, driving license, passport or residence permit.

What is the minimum amount I can order/exchange?

The minimum amount depends on the currency and the denominations available. To request further information kindly call on 25762576.

What is the maximum amount I can order/exchange?

Company policy states that transactions over €5,000 (within the last 12 months) require compliance forms to be filled out and verified. To view the necessary forms click here. Clients may be requested to present other documents for verification purposes.

Can I change my order once it has been placed?

Yes, we understand that travel plans may change and we strive to do our outmost and adapt to the client’s varying needs. In order to serve you better, we kindly ask you to inform us about any amendments required a minimum of one day in advance. To amend your order, please contact our team on 25762576.

Can I cancel my order once it has been placed?

Yes, you won’t be charged to cancel your order. Please contact our team on 25762576 to cancel your order.